Immediate fulfilment

These solutions allow firms to meet a customer’s requirements when they need it most.

For example, if the technology detects a mechanical issue, or even a collision, companies can provide an immediate resolution via a smartphone app or web portal. With this technology in place, organisations can refer customers to an auto-parts retailer, repair garage, breakdown service or an accident claims management company.

Alternatively, our location-based solutions allow businesses to deliver relevant marketing information to customers during a journey. This may involve the promotion of petrol-stations, food venues or entertainment destinations.

Consumer profiling

The detailed customer data provided by telematics solutions is also helping organisations to lower the cost of motoring for their customers and build relationships with businesses in other industries.

For instance, driver behaviour scoring technology can be used to refer good drivers to insurance companies offering usage-based policies.

Customer profile data can also be used to match motorists with lifestyle brands, and allow companies to reward customers with promotional offers relevant to them.

In addition, the data can provide market researchers and big data analysts with highly valuable insights into consumer behaviour.